Theme #10 Tessellate by urie/kilmorecove

Preview: static; Code: pastebin, freetexthost

Description: A 400px/500px theme with an optional 250px wide sidebar image. You can add up to 3 custom links, choose a layout with the caption and post info floating on the right or on the bottom of the posts. The theme features: show/hide caption and tags options, optional lazyload and webkit scrollbar. All colors are customizable.

Keep the credits intact, don’t redistribute, don’t claim as your own and don’t copy, thanks.

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THEME 13.0 - Legendary

preview | code


  • 3 sidebar images with borders
  • 5 links
  • space for name, age & location
  • integrated updates tab
  • small scrollbar
  • small cursor
  • 500px posts

THEME 14.0 - Ruins

preview | code


  • sidebar image with borders
  • 5 links
  • space for name, age & location
  • integrated updates tab
  • small scrollbar
  • small cursor
  • 500px posts


  • please like or reblog if you’re using!!
  • do not claim as your own
  • please please please don’t remove the credit
  • message me if you have any inquiries! 

flawless base code by meliapond

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Hey! Since I’ve got a couple of asks about base code I’ve decided to post it. Here's the little preview for the theme. You can edit it as much as you want and you don't have to credit me but it would be really nice tho, but please reblog or like this post if you're going to use the theme. Also check out my theme blog here and make sure you’ll follow it for all my newest themes & updates, thanks!! ♥ THE CODE HERE

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static preview / Pastebin, freetexthost.

  • custom scrollbar.
  • 400/500(PX) posts.
  • infinite scrolling (optional)
  • sidebar image: 80PX.
  • five links.
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                {THEME PACK!} 

Hey guys! Since I have been a bit down all weekend I did some themes to entertain myself and to be honest I am loving all of them (specially the last one i have made, probably using it because i haven’t even tried in my blog but fjldksjfañ it looks super cute). So here are the 3 themes I have done and please  LIKE THE POST IF YOU LIKE OR USE THEM AND TELL ME IF YOU LIKE THIS STYLE OF THEMES.

   Theme 43

It has 4 customizable links.
A short description is recommended.
Sidebar image 100x100

Static preview - PastebinFreetexthost

    Theme 44

4 customizable links.
100x100px sidebar image.
Cuter with a short description.

Static preview - Pastebin - Freetexthost

     Theme 45
4 customizable links.
300x850px image sidebar ( if not the image it will repeat ) this one is actually my fave i just love it <3

Static preview - Pastebin - Freetexthost

Well that’s it. Please like the post and reblog it so more people can find it (?) I don’t know, just tell me what you think about them even if you hate them! I love you.

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O8. Belong to sea [a theme by opurple]

staticpreview // code

  • optional post 250p, 400p, 500p.
  • 3 customizable link
  • optional infinite scroll /back to top/
  • if show captions
  • if tinycursor
  • if fadedimg / faded hover
  • if monochorome /best view on chrome/
  • hide title, hide tags.
This theme has a lot options! 
messages me if any questions. /off anon please/
source: side image by さかなの缶詰
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 » Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost

Please leave the credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page. Do not copy, use as base, redistribute and/or claim this theme as your own.


  • All colors are customizable
  • 400/500px Posts / Show or Hide Caption
  • 140px Sidebar Image
  • Up to 4 custom links
  • Background and Endless Scrolling Option
  • Lazy Load ? (optional)

How to install this theme?
If you have questions about this theme ask here.

### Notes keeps me inspired, so if you’re using/plan on using this theme please like/reblog this post.

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#024 Ici, loin du monde réel
# Livepreview here [temporary] & Static preview here & get the code here or here


# there is an option to add 6 custom links 

# you can also add an individual second blogtitle (added and edited in the Appearance tab) which appears in the sidebar above the description

# the sidebar background image is 150px wide. It will be resized automatically when it’s too big or too small. The height is entirely up to you

# the circled image above the description is your icon

# there are like and reblog buttons on every post

What else?

# please note that the sidebar bg image is not included in the theme, you will have to upload your own. If you need help with the sizes, please read my FAQ :)

# needless to say, don’t remove the credit and don’t redistribute as your own

# I’d appreciate it if you liked this post when you take it 

# and most importantly: enjoy! :3

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[07]  h o l y   w a t e r ;



  • header image: 300px wide ONLY
  • topbar theme with sticky title, description, and links (upon scrolling)
  • recommended short description for aesthetics
  • ask page in pop-up box
  • 500px Posts only
  • up to 6 custom links
  • accent color will affect italic and credit colors
  • options to customize askbox popup background and heading colors
  • options to customize title, post info, and scrollbar colors
  • options to customize navigation colors (text, bottom borders, and hover)
  • pagination is at the bottom of each page
  • You MUST type in your username where prompted in order for ask popup to work.


  1. don’t use this as a base!
  2. don’t steal bits of code.
  3. don’t remove the credit, and —
  4. don’t claim credit! 

It would be awesome if you liked or reblogged this post if you plan to use this theme! Any questions can be sent to my theme blog’s ask page — I’ll answer as soon as possible and update the code if there are any glitches.

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Well, hello there, beautiful people. As some of you may know, yesterday we reached an insane number of followers so from all of us at timelordgifs we wanted to give you something back as a way of saying thank you! This is a psd pack with psds that are applicable for all seasons and the different types of scenes in doctor who. We hope you like this and we just, again, wanted to say thank you for being so damn perfect. We love you! - Katie, Sara, Lexi, Farzana & Sarah x

If you download this pack please make sure to like or reblog this post because we took a lot of time to make this for you.

download (zip file)

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